Stepping up the usage of iBeacon in event

Regardless of industry nature, communication is the most crucial way to increase the customer engagement and enhance the customer relationship management (CRM). Although in the study of customer behaviours, the involvement level of different groups of customers is fixed by their own demands, it is still a must for business parties to put more effort in delivering customer-satisfying service and products.

How Beacon technology benefits the business?

Concerning about the cost, every single business unit needs to attain its “maximum cost-effect” approach to enlarge the revenue model. Even the big units, with large cash-flow, are trying to reduce the cost year by year to reach the “climax” of the profit. More and more technologies have been launched to the market with a rising demand of cost-effective selling approach. Near-field Communication System (NFC), QR codes and other Wi-Fi setup are adopted among different enterprises. One of the best representatives in modern technology innovation history, APPLE INC., had introduced a low-cost and low-energy consumption communication technology to take over the niche market in 2003, which is named as iBeacon.

Instead of using the formal introduction by saying it is an indoor location-based system with transmission of universally unique identifier (UUID), a more appropriate one will be “customer behaviour detective”. This Bluetooth Low Energy(BLE) based device is mainly designed for the functions of region monitoring and data collecting. Similar with other BLE devices, the system requires at least one “master” and numbers of “slave” — receiving and transmitting ends. The iBeacon is not only applicable to Apple products but also the Android and Window systems with specific APP.

In large-scale events like sales exhibitions, the business unit can monitor at most 20 areas in the back-end portal with connection to the APP pre-installed in targets’ mobile devices. Within the 3-level-range of BLE signal transmission, the business unit can easily detect his potential customers and greet them with promotion as soon as possible. Apart from big event, the business unit can apply Beacon technology in normal retail stores to monitor and categorize the visitors. Once the existing customers return to the stores, with iBeacon, the past purchase history will recommend similar products to them, which delivers a customized experience.

To certain extent, we can say that Beacon is outweighed of the Wi-Fi technology even if the current market share of BT is an underdog. We will talk about its competitive advantages compared with the other existing technologies in the next chapter.

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