How iBeacon penetrates the current business model?

iBeacon technology has marked a rapid growth in recent 3 years and this shall be credited  to  its precisive competitive advantages over other communication technologies. The emergence of iBeacon has hit the point of directing business units to elevate the customer’s experience, meanwhile, upgrading the existing online business system.

How iBeacon benefits the industry?

For brands who emphasise high-quality customer experience delivery, iBeacon can be utilized as an effective tool to sharpen their brand images and make them outweigh others. Conichi, the German smart hotel pioneer, has integrated the iBeacon technology in 2014. Through the precise indoor locating function of iBeacon, once the system realizes the customers are standing in the range of BT, they can receive instant dining and entertainment promotion messages on the APP. To a certain extent, excellent hotel services is the keypoint to attract  guests return. The Conichi Hotel has won numerous  innovation awards which affirmed its  competitiveness in technology integration with hotel services. This facilitates hotel’s premium image with the integration of both online and offline operation systems.


Apart from the brand management, most of the business units are more concerning how iBeacon can help generating generous sales. Not only about the professional impression brought to customers, iBeacon also increases the customer contact surface. Golden State Warriors, a world-known American NBA basketball team, has adopted the iBeacon Technology through the setup in stadium. Their fans can receive greetings, seat upgrade promotion notification and so on by installing the APP in their mobile devices. An approximately 17.5% of sales of seat upgrade is converted by the App notifications. This shows a significant effectiveness of generating sales through iBeacon which increases the contact surface between business units and customers. Business opportunities  then arises and makes the business units stand on a more aggressive role.


Fast trading is always dazzling in customers’ eyes.

Apart from the above valuable characteristics of iBeacon, we cannot neglect the most common, meanwhile, important reason of why people start using technology to make business. Convenience is always a vital core value of attracting both business units and customers to purchase. The higher convenience level, the easier purchasing decision is made. To deliver this key to customer, in order to make them feel more satisfied in staying at the specific business zone, iBeacon is helping in different size of service areas. The car searching system, which is spreading over the large shopping malls in Hong Kong, is one of the applications of iBeacon. For instance, Home Square and New Town Plaza in Shatin allow drivers use iBeacon technology to “smart search”  the exact location of their cars through APP. Not only limited to act for enhancing customer experience, iBeacon is also used as an e-payment method by the British technology unit Hailo in Ireland and Boston. Hailo accepts customers pay the fare instantly by APP through iBeacon regardless of the installation status of the transportation. iBeacon supports quick identification process between users and transportation.


There is no way to underestimate the contribution of this new advanced technology to the business world. Even there is many maturely developed technologies that serve similar functions, iBeacon owns its unique advantages by high accuracy and reliability. Let see how its popularity grow explosively in the coming decade.

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