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Our Product

Evention is a mobile-based event management solution to help you breeze through every step of an event and elevate your event organizing experience
from preparation, execution to evaluation, as well as to create premium experience for your guests.

Enhance Event Experience

Simplify Management Workflow

Easy Management of Event Details

Exhibition & Fair

For art exhibitions, trade shows, fairs and expos
Feature Highlights:

.Online registration with payment gateway
.Instant statistics reports of guests
.Integration with handheld scanner
.Export data for customized reports

Banquet & Reception

For wedding banquets, annual dinners and other formal receptions

Feature Highlights:

.Offline mode check-in
.Arrange seating plan with guest list
.Interactive functions such as lucky draw
.Email/SMS reminder to guests

Convention & Conference

For academic and business seminars, press conferences, award ceremonies and other conventions

Feature Highlights:

.Real time attendance dashboard
.On-site name badge printing
.On-site/ Post-event e-Survey
.Integration with Apple Passbook

Show & Ceremony

For fashion shows, shop openings, celebrations and other ceremonies

Feature Highlights:

.Instant SMS notifications of VIP arrivals
.Upload guests’ photos before or during registration
.QR code/ NFC/ RFID speedy check-in
.‘Bring a friend’ function

Internal Training & Workshop

For corporate trainings, workshops and team-building activities
Feature Highlights:

.Multiple check-in and check-out
.Attendance records over time
.Integration with HR system such as PeopleSoft
.Check-in with signature

Always Offers More Than You’ve Imagined

With years of experience in providing event solution, we strive to satisfy every client’s needs with our expertise. We offer high quality one-stop event solution,
from pre-event to post-event stage. We work closely with a wide range of clients, from government agencies,bank and finance institutions.
What we wish is to guarantee you a perfect event experience every time.



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